Twinstead Church of St John the Evangelist

Twinstead Church is distinctly different from other churches in the North Hinckford area, it is one of the more contemporary churches being built in 1858 of bright red, yellow and black bricks. It is the fourth church to be built on the site, the first church being declared a ruin in 1790 was replaced by a classical style building which the then Bishop refused to consecrate. This second church was pulled down and the building materials used to construct the third church. The third church to be on this site was according to the then Rector 'a very inferior structure with no ecclesiastical character - 'This church fell into disrepair and another rebuild was necessary.

Twinstead Church is thought to be one of only three churches in England featuring three equal arches of stone in the entrance to the chancel from the nave and certainly the only one if its kind in a rural setting.

The bell is the oldest part of the church and is thought to be by John Bird in the early 16th century, it was rehung in 1976.

Twinstead Church, essex

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