Open Doors, Sacred Doorways

Explore the Stour Valley

Open Doorways, Sacred Doorways aims to Increase the number of people, regardless of  denomination or faith entering churches in the Stour Valley be it for historic interest or just to take time away from life's busyness.

Explore the scenic paths and tracks of the Stour Valley and discover places of spiritual and historical interest along the way including the historic, living structures that are the churches of the North Hinckford area to secure the future of these historic and yet living structures as an integral and spiritual part of the Stour Valley landscape; to Conserve the Masterpiece.

  • A chandelier at St Mary the Virgin Church at Belchamp Walter
  • Road sign in the Stour Valley
  • Carved stone pillar at Foxearth Church, Suffolk
  • A rainbow over fields near Great Henny, Stour Valley
  • A peacock from Belchamp Hall, Belchamp Walter
  • A rainbow over a lightening struck tree between Great Henny and Lamarsh, Stour Valley
  • Sensible advice at Belchamp Otten Church
  • Light through trees near Great Henny, Stour Valley

Explore by location

Explore the Stour Valley by choosing a location on the interactive map on the right to learn more about it.

North Hinckford Parish Map Pentlow Church Foxearth Church Liston Church Belchamp St Paul Church Borley Church Ovington Church Belchamp Otten Church Belchamp Walter Church Bulmer Church Middleton Church Great Henny Church Wickham St Paul Church Twinstead Church Lamarsh Church Alphamstone Church

If you would consider supporting the work these churches are doing in the Stour Valley villages please consider making a donation by visiting