Great Henny, St Mary's Church

The tower of St Mary's Gt Henny is the oldest part of the church, built in two sections between 1066 and 1199. The tilted spire sits 233.2 feet above sea level, and due to its height it is often windy! This church features in the Gainsborough painting titled 'Cornard Wood' although the spire of the church looks different now.

Most of the church was rebuilt in the 14th century.

The distinctive twisted spire of the church at Great Henny

It is believed that the hymn 'My song is love unknown' by Samuel Crossman may have been written here as he was Rector at St Mary's around the time it was written.

Great Henny Church had to have extensive restoration work to the spire in ____ due to damage caused by woodpeckers. In one corner of the church yard you might notice a strange conical structure which acts as a decoy to try to lure the woodpeckers away from the real tower!

One or two cars may park by the gates to the church yard, but take care not to block the lane as it is also the access to some houses.

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